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Word For The Weekend: CHIHUAHUA

Here’s your Dog Breed Fun To Say

Word For The Weekend


[chi-wah-wah, -wuh]

DEF: One of a Mexican or Aztec breed of very small round-headed dogs, having either short or long hair, large erect ears, and protruding eyes.

Said to be from a lost native word that meant “dry place.” What makes it fun to say? The ‘hua hua’, or wawa!!

Can you think of another word that includes ‘wawa’? Some dogs, great dane, beagle, husky, all GREAT dogs, BEAUTIFUL dogs, but maybe not necessarily fun to say.

However, if you were to add a wawa…if there were a husky-wawa, now THAT’S fun to say!

“Can I show you a picture of my Husky-wawa?”



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