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3 Tips To Make The Dentist Easier For Kids

Taking your child to the dentist doesn’t need to feel like you are pulling teeth every time you go:

Let your child know the dentist just wants to be a friend.

  1. Let your child know the dentist just wants to be a friend.It’s a very personal thing to have someone you barely know stick their hands in your mouth. It may be even harder for a child to understand this. Talk to your kids and let them know that the dentist is going to help take care of their oral hygiene. What does that mean for them exactly? Start by telling your child what a dentist does and how the dentist is there to help them, not hurt them.
  1. Introduce your child to the hygienist before their first visit. It might be scary for a young child to walk into an unchartered territory without really know what’s going on. Most dental offices advise parents to bring their kids in before their first visit to tour the office and get to know the staff. You may be able to do this at your cleaning or before the big day of their first appointment. This is a chance for you to ask questions you might have, or even your child. This is a good time for your child to get to know his or her hygienist. They might even like trying out the big comfy chair!
  1. Give your child an incentive to go to the dentist. No, you don’t have to offer them ice cream after they go, but by telling your child going to the dentist is good for them can help ease some apprehension. You can explain to your child that keeping up with good oral hygiene starts at home, but it’s also important to go to the dentist to prevent cavities and to keep a clean mouth!


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