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82% of Us Agree Social Media Is a Huge Waste of Time

Social media has dominated the last 15 years of our life. But has it made our lives better? Well, according to a new “Wall Street Journal” poll, the majority of us aren’t sure it has.

Here are some fresh stats about our ongoing relationship with social media . . .

1. Six in 10 Americans don’t trust Facebook to protect their personal information. And only 6% said they trust it “a lot” or “quite a bit.”
2. 57% of us think sites like Facebook and Twitter do more to divide our country than unite it.
3. 55% think social media helps spread lies and falsehoods more than educate us against misinformation. And 61% think it also helps spread unfair attacks and rumors.
4. And 82% of us admit social media is a huge TIME-WASTER in general.

But despite all that, 69% of people in the poll said they still check social media at least once a day. Although 42% of us have tried to limit our social media use in the last two years.

Pat Rivers
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