Consumer Credit Counseling


Credit Counseling- Paying off debt adds stress to your already busy and complicated life. Our nationally certified credit counselors are trained in a variety of money management areas. When you request our services, you will be treated with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves. The most important part is that we listen to you and your concerns. CCCS of Rochester can help you understand all the options for managing your finances. We provide the knowledge and services that can simplify your life and set you on the road to financial success.

Student Loan Counseling- One out of three graduates faces difficulties with repaying student loan debt. Student Loan debt has surpassed consumer credit debt. CCCS of Rochester can help get your Federal student loan debt under control by helping you locate all your loans, review payment options like deferment and consolidation, and identify programs that could help you lower your payments.

Housing Counseling- CCCS of Rochester offers the advice you need for Foreclosure Prevention and Reverse Mortgage. Our Housing programs will help you understand the best option to help you stay in your home. We’ll communicate with your lender and explore payment options.

Balanced Care- BalancedCare provide compassionate and reliable financial support for seniors and people with disabilities. BalancedCare is a certified Representative Payee through the Social Security administration and can help seniors obtain community services through Medicaid. We make sure your money is professionally managed and the bills are being paid!


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