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Blackie the Rooster fought City Hall…AND WON!

We’ve had some fun since last summer following the saga of Blackie the Rooster in Parma. Blackie, like most roosters, likes to crow. Neighbors complained. The town board took up the issue and found Blackie IN VIOLATION OF THE TOWN NOISE ORDINANCE!

But this rooster has friends. Rooster Boosters, if you will. And they didn’t take this lying down. They crowed back! And Won!

Last night the Parma Town Board Voted UNANIMOUSLY to alter the town noise ordinance to let Blackie Crow his brains out (not literally).

Tony put pen to paper last summer, and captured Blackie’s plight in a catchy tune. Critics say not since Bob Dylan immortalized Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s ordeal in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, has anyone produced so powerful  an anthem about the lost American dream.

Give it a listen!

Blackie the Rooster, by Tony Infantino of WARM 101.3

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