On The Air:

Blink! You just made a decision that will change your life!

As long as it takes to blink. That’s how long it takes for a person to fall in love. One-fifth of a second, that’s all it takes. This is according to researchers at Syracuse University!
The point is this: All of our biggest decisions in life come down to that one INSTANT when your mind throws the switch and says, “Yes! Go! Buy! Propose! Move! Quit!” Or whatever it happens to be.
Also—Kristie’s baby boy Nate is PSYCHIC! We think. Kristie claims that when she walks through the door, her little bundle of boyishness knows it’s her! Not his daddy, not a relative, not a nanny—Kristie!
Also—during last year’s Super Bowl, we arrayed a series of NFL caps in front of Nate. And he nimbly crawled to the New Orleans Saints hat! True, that lid was overflowing Cracker Jax, but STILL!
In closing dear reader, we’d like to thank you. What’s that? You say. We thank you? Yes, good friends. In ways we can’t fully articulate, writing this blog soothes our soul (while filling your head with generous scoops of life-affirming information you can use).

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