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Cyber bullies are COWARDS, here’s how to stop them

The president at the University of Rochester is fed up with students posting mean-spirited, anonymous attacks on websites. Joel Seligman pointed to the recent suicide of a student at Rutgers University as evidence that cyber-bullying can have deadly consequences. So we decided to pass along some worth-repeating tips on keeping kids SAFE from online bullies. Tell your kids about SAFE.


Stopand don’t click.  Don’t respond to threats or online nonsense about your posted by  some coward. Leave it alone. Walk away.

Adult– tell one! Tell an adult that you’re being harassed on online. Report it immediately to an adult or teacher you can trust.

Filter– out personal information. You’ve heard this before—so now do it! Remove personal information from the World Wide Web. You’re giving the bad guys ammunition—against you!

Evidence– keep it! Don’t delete mean-spirited emails, photos and text messages. You can use it later to track down your cyber bully and make it stop.

Studies show 60% of children don’t tell their parents about online bullying because they’re afraid you will ban their internet use. Don’t do THAT! Just take care of the problem!

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