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Dead Bird Squawking and other recipes

Today Chuck Kelly covered for a vacationing Tony Infantino on the steam-powered WARM 101.3 “Wake up with Tony” program.

And. It. Was. Magical.

How? Why? To which extent?

Where do we begin? How about this:

There is a plan to wipe out about 175,000 Canada geese in New York state. The geese were blamed for bringing down the famous “Miracle on the Hudson” plan with Captain Sully. They are also seen as a widespread nuisance, leaving their droppings on golf courses, public parks and clinical social workers.

Many say this is a Draconian plan. While others say that sentiment is unfair to Draco*.

Also, Pat discussed the magic of eating bear sausage. Pat took his brood to the historic Ganondagan Native American Dance and Music Festival over the weekend. Pat and his brood feasted on sweet bear sausage. Pat’s 7-year-old summed it up best, “Not bad. I think I’d rather have roasted Canada Goose!”

*The term Draconian refers to any severe punishment, it is ascribed to Greek scribe Draco who fashioned brutal retribution for all offenses. In later years, Draco joined “Sha Na Na” and was kicked out of the band after insisting Bowser’s feet be cut off for giggling during band meetings.

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