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Fashion First: What Fashion Trends We Need To Ditch

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June 15th, 2017

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What Fashion Trends we need to ditch…

I toke a poll of a variety of age groups and there were a few common suggestions of trends that just didn’t make it. The group I asked did, of course, try the trend but say it was short lived and they are glad its moved on.

#1 High Low denim hemlines…you may not even have noticed the jagged cut uneven hemline with the mini-fringe finish. The fringe stayed and the hemline has now become even but the high-low went bye bye fast!!! Attempt to focus on toe and heel shoe embellishments.

#2 Cold shoulder tops… Women still wear them and stores still sell them but I was surprised that every women I asked young and old said it was, after wearing theirs for a few times, one trend that just looked sloppy and droopy and the older women said it made them feel exposed in areas that should be covered or highlighted in a different way. Shoulders are one the last areas of a the body that show signs of aging…perhaps the reason behind the design?

#3 Chokers….well not all chokers just some chokers was the vote. The more delicate the more liked my group.

#4 Stiletto Nails….how does one live with these??? Enough said!!!

Fall of 2017 looks exciting from what we have seen on the runways…fringe, fun geometric design and tattoo fur, and floral!!!
Take the Runway Rochester…live life with style & flair with Panache…Image is our Inspiration!!!



Live life with Panache and dress with style & flair!!!
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