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Fashion First… FASHION FALLS HARD – November 10, 2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

High Heels or Rubber Sole athleisure footwear, both can be dangerous.  Beware!
When was the last time you took a hard fall?  Perhaps when you were dancing the night away at a relatives wedding with a few cocktails under your belt?  Maybe at your High school or College reunion pretending that after 20 years you can still keep up with the best of them?
Iconic Runway Models have taken hard falls for the love of the Runway and the Designers they are representing.  I never could imagine trying to get up off the runway with grace and poise with 6 inch stilettos barely hanging on to me ankle as so many models have done in the past.  Those poor delicate souls.
Let me set the scene for you for my FAMOUS FALL, in October 2022.  With two other adults in the room, we are folding up numerous blankets that were used to create a fort for the grandchildren.  My rubber soled sneaker gets caught in a fold, I go down and hit the floor flat on my back with the rather large Bernidoodle dog under my head (a blessing).  My first thought was the condition of my two fake hips, I roll over crawl to the coffee table and rise to access the injuries.  Good news,  everything works except for the ache in my back.
Let me just say how much I respect and appreciate the talents of Dr. Clark Hadley my Chiropractor.  After a couple of appointments I am almost able to reach my toes with out groaning like an 80 year old. If I hadn’t waited a month to make the call to my Chiropractor I would not have suffered so much pain.
I’ll be ready for the dance floor and any runway that may come my way. Every time I watch a Fashion Week Runway show I pray for the Supermodels ankles and egos.
Tread carefully with Style & Flair…with Panache!  If needed call Dr. Clark Hadley for a few adjustments yourself.  You can thank me later on the Dance Floor!!!


Joan E. Lincoln

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