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Fashion First: Multiple Layers – 1/6/2022

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Multiple layers become mandatory in the winter, we start to run out of cute cold weather outfits real quick. If you feel the same, these few tips are about to make your life (and your look) far better.
Become a layering Pro
There is a reason layering is always on-trend in the winter: It’s a massively practical way to dress when it’s really cold.
By the middle of winter, it’s pretty inevitable that you’re going to start to feel some fatigue when it comes to putting on your boring old winter coat day after day. Heat in – Cold Out – Belt Up!
There aren’t many redeeming factors about living through really cold weather fashion-wise, but it is the only time during the year that we can add fur with just about anything to give your outfit a major luxury upgrade. If you’re intimidated by a fur coat, opt for fur mittens, a furry scarf or a beanie with a fluffy pom-pom.
If you are a provocateur with a taste for heated discussions: here’s a topic: UGG boots are back – to wear on not to wear?

Polarizing trends come and go, but UGG Boots remain the love-them-or-loathe-them item of the fashion world. To naysayers they are best left behind. UGG-phobics consider them as little more than the uniform of the Middle School through College age students or “I just got done with YOGA” lovers. And believe it or not, they have a royal fan club, too – well, sort of. Just take a look at images of Kate Middleton in a pair back in 2007.  Fast forward to 2022,  they are still here but I see less and less – which I am grateful for!

Embrace winter with Sustainable Style & Flair … with Panache!!!

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