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Fashion First: Office Attire Do’s & Don’ts it’s NOT a Summertime Family Picnic

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Thursday, July 25th, 2019

I read an article about a woman’s office attire that had reached a new level of bland! I am guilty of wearing my fair share of black but this healthcare employee took on her own approach to her definition of appropriate office attire. She said in the article that she: “takes great care to present an inoffensive, uncontroversial appearance at the office – and she succeeded beyond her wildest dreams, when coworkers reported that her attire had reached a new level of bland.” Her outfit was literally like a sedative to their eyes.

“If you notice my outfit, it’s too much, is her policy,” of her fashion choices. And notice her they did not, was the clear consensus of her colleagues. It was suggested by co-workers she should write a book called Fifty Shades of Beige. Another co-worker said, “She blends in extremely well with everything. Even wallpaper.”

Summertime office attire can be a challenge more for women than men. Women have many more options during this season and the temptation to wear that flirty floral frock you bought for your friends wedding most likely isn’t going to cut it for the majority of professional office environments. Nor is the outfit you wore to your family picnic, as cute as it is, if you wore it to a picnic keep it out of the office.

Brava for all female professionals living life with style & flair their way…with Panache!




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