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Fashion First: Slob – Chic Corona Style

Thursday, August 13th, 2020


Parts of the country are slowly reopening, but for many of us our homes will still be headquarters. Is unrepentant sloppiness the new fashion-forward?  With so many people home bound these past few months, indoors has become the new outdoors. It is where you exercise, digitally chat with friends, and, of course, work. But it is also still the indoors, where you sleep, eat, and putter. This can make for frequent wardrobe changes. Or you can give up and wear the same shredded sweatpants day after day.
Now that so many items in our closets are taking early retirement, what should we put on when our Webcams are turned off? Recent retail-sales data reflect a world where there’s nobody to dress up for except your pet. In April, clothing sales fell 75%, the largest decline since records have been kept. But tracksuit purchases were up 70%, and sweatpants 80%. Sales of pajamas rose a 143%. Evidently, pants are cancelled (unless they come with an elastic waistband). Their sales declined 13%. The new focus is above the waist.

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Just remember to:
1. Change out of your sleeping pajamas and into your awake pajamas periodically.
2. Never ZOOM a business call in your bed.
3. Try on your jeans at least once a week to insure they still go up over your bum!
Good Luck remembering how to button your blouse and cuffs…
…just do it with Style & Flair with Panache!!!

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