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Is Tony more like Ant Man or Tony Robbins?

Today we tackled a confounding question that’s bedeviled intellectuals since the invention of the deviled egg: Is Tony Infantino more like Ant Man or Tony Robbins?

Let’s review the evidence:

Who is Ant Man and what does he do? Ant Man, it is believed, can shrink down to ant size while retaining his human strength. In some versions of the Ant Man legend, his helmet can marshal the forces of nearby ants.

On the scale of Superheroes, it can be fairly said, Ant Man is something of a Lame-O.

All of that being said, let’s be fair to Ant Man. Is  he The Incredible Hulk? No. Is he more exciting than the satellite TV repair guy who tracks mud all over your house? Yes.

But the critical question–Is Ant Man similar to Tony Infantino? The answer is, as ants like to say when asked if they would like to be stomped, “no”.

That leaves us with only one other possibility.

That our beloved Tony Infantino is more like life coach extraordinaire Tony Robbins. Let us review the evidence:

Tony Robbins has the first name “Tony”.

Tony Infantino also answers to “Tony”.

Tony Robbins is taller than most people.

Tony Infantino is above-average height (6’1″).

Tony Robbins inspires millions daily with a soul affirming message on the power of positive thinking.

Tony Infantino is above-average height (6’1″).

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