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Is Your Foot the Same Size as Your Forearm?


Is Your Foot the Same Size as Your Forearm?

I talked about this on the air over the weekend…just because there was nothing much else going on and I find this downright riveting.

Apparently an anime show called “Case Closed” claimed that a person’s FOOT is the same length as their FOREARM. So now there’s a viral trend where people . . . at least the flexible ones . . . are posting photos of their foot next to their forearm.

And so far, according to a Buzzfeed survey, 79% have found that their foot and forearm ARE the same length. 17% say their arm is longer, and 4% say their foot is longer.

I actually tried this the other day and my suspicions were correct- my forearm is larger than my foot…I’m in the 17%

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