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Land of Little Rivers

The Land of Little Rivers, a network of tributaries in the Catskill Mountains of New York, is the birthplace of fly fishing in America and the mecca for resident and visiting anglers obsessed with the sport.

Land of Little Rivers:

A Documentary Fly Fishing Film

Fishing legends such as Joan Wulff, the “first lady of fly fishing,” and Dave Brandt, the preeminent fly tier and authority on traditional Catskill fly tying, convey the angler’s passion, from the art of casting the perfect loop, to the sport’s origins where secrets are fiercely guarded by local anglers.

Uplifting and warm, this beautifully shot documentary delves into the lives of fly fishers, the wounds they heal, the bonds they form, and the history and conservation they preserve in the sport they love.


Virtual Road Trip Travel Show Special Event

Join the filmmakers Aaron Weisblatt and Bruce Concurs, who both grew up in Walden, and members of the cast for an online screening event on Monday, June 28th.

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