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Look at Tony, then look at your man, Now look at Tony again…

Look at Tony, now look at your man. Now look at Tony again. Sadly, your man is not Tony. But he could FEEL like Tony every day of the week!

How? You mutter to yourself while hoping no one notices you’re looking at a badly photoshopped picture of Tony Infantino’s face on the Old Spice Guy’s body.

Here’s how:

Follow these simple steps  from the award-winning new book, “How I learned to start acting like Tony Infantino and stopped worrying about looking like a dork.”

It’s EASY:

1. Develop an unnatural fear of elevators

2. Take long, aimless rides in the country in small, shiny green cars.

3. Develop an unnatural fear of bees.

4. Take long, aimless boat rides on Conesus Lake.

5. Finally, the last step, it sort of refutes both #1 and #3 but JUST DO IT: Step onto a busted elevator with a clumsy beekeeper.

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