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Mama mia! Pat took a funny picture with a little dog!

What’s a good blog entry?

Sometimes it’s a long, well-reasoned argument or opinion of some kind.

Other times, it’s a wacky spoof on something Tony, Kristie and Pat may or may not have done.

While still others—a funny picture is all it takes. Today is one of those days.

At the left side of this page you see our trusted newsman Pat McGonigle. Pat spent his Sunday with the fantastic folks from the Mary Cariola Children’s Center. Sunday was the 4th annual “Hogs and Roses” ride to benefit Mary Cariola. About 200 bikers took their hogs on an 86 mile course while donating money to Mary Cariola. Pat served as the MC for the raffle prize portion of the day. But the real highlight for Pat was getting to meet “Tippy”, the hardcore motorcycle riding chihuaha. Truth be told, Pat and “Tippy” weren’t exactly “fast friends”, so to speak, although “Tippy” did promise to sent Pat a Facebook friend request.

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