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Debra Ross

Kids Out and About MainDebra Ross, who has been the Friday morning guest on the Morning Show since 2009, is publisher of KidsOutAndAbout.com, Rochester’s online resource for parents.

Deb is the Head Cheerleader for All Things Family-Friendly in our area, despite Kristie’s repeated attempts to remind her that valedictorians are not usually cheerleaders.

Deb is originally from Cranford, NJ, a fact you should not hold against her, although feel free to aim New Jersey jokes in her direction. She was indeed the valedictorian of her high school class, and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English. This means she is qualified to do everything, or nothing. Like so many other English majors, she flailed about for a while, and then chose computers.

Deb started KidsOutAndAbout.com in 2001, when her first daughter, Madison, was a toddler. As a new parent, she was hearing about all the great opportunities for family activities in our area…after they had already happened. “There ought to be ONE WEB SITE where parents can find everything going on,” she said out loud to her husband one day while walking on the Erie Canal path when she was extremely pregnant. Nothing happened, but that is because David is a mathematician. So when Ella was born, Deb used her maternity leave to start KidsOutAndAbout.com.

The site has since expanded to several other cities, with plans to spread through the country. Deb serves as publisher, editor of the Rochester site, and general web dictator. “No matter how successful KidsOutAndAbout.com is in achieving world domination, I’ll always love Rochester best,” she declares generously. Her favorite Rochester activities are watching the Red Wings play baseball and the RazorSharks play basketball.

Deb lives in Brighton or Penfield, she’s not sure which, with her husband David and children Madison and Ella. Her birthday is on Tony’s half-birthday. Coincidence? You be the judge.

You can reach Deb at ross@kidsoutandabout.com.

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