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People Don’t Care About Milestones Like Getting Married, Having Kids, or Buying a House Anymore

When you were growing up, there were probably some milestones in your life you always planned on hitting:  Getting married, having a kid, buying a house, and so on.

Well, those days are pretty much over.  According to a new survey, 61% of Americans say a lot of the traditional milestones aren’t really important to them anymore.

 The five things we’re now fine with delaying or even totally skipping are:

Saving for retirement . . . getting married . . . having kids . . . buying a home . . . and getting engaged.

So why are we delaying them?  The five main reasons are:  

Personal insecurities . . . not being financially stable . . . being with a partner who doesn’t prioritize those things . . . paying off student loans first . . . and our friends are also delaying those things, so we don’t feel any pressure to do them. 

Pat Rivers
Lunch Time Request Cafe

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