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Stressed Out About the Election: You’re not alone

Stressed out over this presidential election?


So am I.  A new survey by the American Psychological Association found just over half of us are stressed out…and social media has something to do with it.
52% of people said they’re “somewhat” or “significantly” stressed over the election.  And you’re more likely to be stressed if you’re on social media.

Here are four more stats from the survey . . .
1.  54% of people who use social media are stressed about it, compared to 45% of people who don’t use social media.

2.  Slightly more Republicans are stressed than Democrats . . . 59% compared to 55%.  But that’s inside the margin of error, so essentially it’s a tie.

3.  People over the age of 71 are more likely to be stressed out about it than anyone else.  59% of them are stressed, compared to 50% of baby boomers aged 52 to 70 . . . 45% of generation X’ers aged 38 to 51 . . . and 56% of millennials aged 19 to 37.

4.  And 38% of people said that political discussions on Facebook and other social media sites stress them out.
Good news- all of this stressing will come to an end in 3 weeks with Election Day November 8th.  After that. the dust settles and we get our lives back to normal.  It’s been so long I can’t remember what normal is.

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