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Random Fact Thursday

Time once again for another round of Random Fact Thursday!

  1. Salmon sushi doesn’t come from Japan.  It was created in Norway in the ’80s because they had a salmon surplus.
  1. The legal definition of an “infant” isn’t just for a baby . . . it’s for anyone under 18.
  1. E.L. James wrote “Fifty Shades of Grey” on a Blackberry during her commute to work.
  1. Miami has a higher percentage of people born in foreign countries than any other major city in the world.  59% of Miami’s population was born in another country.  Toronto is second, at 50%.
  1. The last time a Democrat was elected president after another Democrat’s term ended was James Buchanan in 1856.  Although Truman became president when FDR died, then got re-elected.


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