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Random Fact Wednesday: FDR, The Boss, and Ancient Egypt Edition!

It’s time once again for Random Fact Wednesday!

1.  The first hashtag ever used was “#barcamp.”  A social technology expert named Chris Messina tweeted in August 2007, quote, “How do you feel about using [the pound sign] for groups.  As in #barcamp?”  Clearly people liked that idea. 

2.  FDR’s family became wealthy thanks to his grandfather’s work in the opium trade. 

3.  Neither Bruce Springsteen nor Bob Dylan ever had a number one hit. 

4.  Jam is made from fruit . . . jelly is made from juice . . . preserves have chunks of fruit . . . and marmalades have peel and pulp. 

5.  In ancient Egypt, wedding ceremonies were only for rich couples.  For other couples, you were automatically considered married once the bride moved her stuff into the groom’s house.

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