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Spiked Seltzers Are the Drink of the Summer and Their Sales Are Skyrocketing

Zima’s grandchildren are doing what Zima never could.

If you’ve been at a party or barbecue this summer, you’ve probably seen someone drinking a SPIKED SELTZER. Those are flavored, alcoholic seltzers from brands like White Claw, Bon & Viv, and Truly.

And apparently, they’re the drink of the summer . . . because the sales are skyrocketing.

Spiked seltzer sales were up 169% last year . . . and this year, they keep going up, including a 30% jump in just the past month.

So why are they so popular? They’re lighter than beer and the cans make them more convenient than wine . . . they’re pretty low in calories . . . they’ve got a pretty good flavor . . . and the cans look good in Instagram photos.

Pat Rivers
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