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WARM 101.3’s STAR Program

WARM 101.3’s STAR Program

Presented by: Reliant Community Credit Union

WARM 101.3 and Reliant Community Credit Union are teaming up with Saturday Morning Cartunes’ hosts Miss Beth and award-winning children’s entertainer Gary the Happy Pirate to bring an exciting inspirational show to schools around the Rochester community, the WARM 101.3 STAR Program, presented by Reliant Community Credit Union

STAR is an acronym for Set a good example, be a Team player, have a good Attitude, and be Respectful.

Using songs and skits, Gary and Miss Beth incorporate both students and teachers in this fun-filled, fast-moving adventure. This 35-minute live production demonstrates the importance of learning to work and communicate well with one another, and to understand what it truly is to be a STAR!

To learn more about the STAR Program or book a show at your school email Stan Main at: stan@WARM1013.com.

Program Objectives For Your Students

• Have fun and release energy in a positive way

• Increase their level of cooperation

• Better respect others

• Become less inhibited and gain personal confidence

• Deal better with frustration in any endeavor

• Realize how these ideas could relate to future situations.

Using music and humor, How to be a STAR! demonstrates and offers suggestions to both students and teachers about building teamwork, cooperation, communication, and leadership skills, encouraging them to interact and look at negative behaviors in new ways.

Show Synopsis

Gary the Happy Pirate is not having a great day, and it’s affecting everyone around him. Miss Beth encourages Gary to change his attitude by using the elements of the STAR concept. Miss Beth tries to motivate Gary to be a team player by trying to organize a little ball game, but Gary still has a difficult time grasping the concept. So trying to perk up Gary’s negative attitude, Miss Beth tries a different approach through a word game with some of the students. Things go from bad to worse. So Gary thinks that maybe trying something he loves to do might help. Gary puts together a band with some teachers, but after their performance, Gary is still not feeling it. Miss Beth intervenes. Using some crazy modern technology and with the help of the students, Miss Beth is able to transform Gary into a STAR!

Show runtime: approximately 35 minutes