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The amazing, gender-based differences in our brains!

The women are smarter, as the famous song has been telling us for years. Now, we’re learning more about the amazing differences between the brains of men and women.

Turns out: Men simply can’t recall information as well as women. The gals have bigger hippocampuses. The hippocampus is the part of the brain where memories are formed. The hippocampus was also the lovable jungle creature from a 1970’s children cartoon who could solve crimes by devouring candy canes.

Also, men are not as skilled at picking up on subtle clues. The guys in your life have less neurons in the areas of the temporal lobe—the area that processes language and symbols. So if it feels like, “He’s not picking up on ANY of my cues”, guess what? HE ISN’T!

Here’s a great test to see how well you read people.

It’s a “fake smile test”. How good are you at picking up on genuine smiles?

Click here to find out.

Finally, President George W. Bush is back in the news. He’s promoting his presidential memoir, “Decision Points”. NBC’s Matt Lauer asked him if he regretted any moments in office. Mr. Bush said he wished he could take back the infamous “Mission Accomplished” moment on the aircraft carrier. Lauer asked Bush what the banner should have read. The former president responded, “Good goin’ men and women. Great mission, or something, I dunno what it is.”

So in that spirit—we’ve rewritten history! The banner now reads what Mr. Bush really wanted it to say. You’re welcome, Mr. President!

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