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The day we heard the wisdom of Gary Otto

When historians in a future age discover the recording from this morning’s broadcast of “Wake up with Tony” (without the vacationing Tony) we can only imagine they will marvel at our love, respect and adulation for a wonderfully brewed cup of hot coffee.

You may ask: Why did you talk about Kevin making the coffee this morning?


But seriously, folks, enjoying a good cup of coffee underscores an important sentiment. We can all enjoy a wonderful and abundant resource with all of our hearts and realize how much wonder and joy there is available in the world.

This notion occurred to us yesterday when News 10 NBC photojournalist Gary Otto made the following observation: “I saw someone take a big sip of water today and then let out a big, ‘Ahhh’. I thought, ‘Amazing how something that is free and available can give us so much satisfaction’.”

And Gary is RIGHT ON! If we all took a second every day to stop, take a breath, and recognize all of things around us that can give us joy, things in great abundance, we just might find a small measure of peace and contentedness in this lifetime.

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