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The Day Melinda Doolittle stopped by!

We took a picture and everything! Only it isn’t loading for some reason. The fabulous Melinda Doolittle dropped by the locally famous WARM 101.3 studios this morning. You may remember Melinda, she was a recent finalist on American Idol.

She charmed the HECK out of us! What a lady! A singer, songwriter, author—you name it!

She’s singing TODAY at the Highland Arts Festival at Highland Park!  Click here for details!

We also discussed the amazing “Dad Effect”! It’s actually a good thing! researchers at Harvard Medical School, in conjunction with scientists in Montreal, determined that dads are more likely than moms to TAKE RISKS!

This can lead to taking reasonable risks as an adult (moving to a new city, changing jobs or ending a bad relationship).

And the eggheads even took it further than that!

William Pollack at Harvard Medical School says behavior like “roughhousing, tackling and play fighting” can be beneficial. It leads to healthy risk taking and normal, healthy adventurous behavior.

Gotta run, deep love to all of you!

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