On The Air:

The Day the WARM Blog read like a Neil Simon play

((The scene is an FM radio studio. There is host and three on-air counterparts. It is summer. It is a soft-rock  station. The primary host is on vacation, the afternoon guy, Kevin, is filling in. ))

Kevin: Does anyone have anything for the 8:10 segment?

Kristie: Pat–whaddya got?

Pat: Ah, jeez, let me think.

Kristie: Any funny kid stories?

Pat: Short answer, no, but let me think.

Kevin: Let’s do the age thing we just talked about.

Kristie: What? Lying about your age?

Pat: Yeah

Kristie: Both of you clam up immediately!

((a tall dark stranger enters stage left carrying a tray of calamari))

Kevin: Can we help you?

Tall Dark Stranger: Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Thurgood Marshall!

Pat: The Supreme Court Judge?

Tall Dark Stranger: No, friend, not the groundbreaking justice of the high court. I’m the Grand Minister of FUNK!

((Thurgood Marshall gently places his tray of calamari on Kevin’s head))

Thurgood Marshall: Now that is not all I can do! Let me show you the other tricks I can do!

Pat: No! You should not be here! You should not be about! You should not be here while Tony is out!

((Now what would you do? If your Tony was out?

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