On The Air:

The day we were showered with chocolate and massages!!!

There are Fridays and then there are FRIDAYS!! Today was a FRIDAY!

We were treated to amazing massages from the angels at Massage Envy in Pittsford (that’s Terri Labell and Regan Mycek).

They are amazing.

We also feasted on delicious chocolate treats from the brilliant bakers at Dove Chocolate Discoveries. Check out their website right here or call Helen and Patrick Sabatini at (585) 755-0359.

Tony, Kristie and Pat say they will have a hard time catching a break at home any time soon after being treated like the crowned heads of Europe* at work this glorious Friday.

Finally, we ask you to look forward to Saturday, August 7. Performing at The Comedy Club in Webster: Brian Dunkleman!! You remember Brian, right? He was Ryan Seacrest’s co-host on the first season of American Idol. Dunkleman later moved on to other things…like performing in Webster…in August.

We kid because we love!

Have a fantastic weekend!

*A reference to Mr. Marvel in “The Wizard of Oz”, the traveling charlatan who Dorothy meets in the beginning of the movie and later becomes “The Wizard”. His wagon boasts that he knows the “crowned heads of Europe”.

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