On The Air:

The Mother of all Friday Parties

To say there was a bash in the famous WARM 101.3 studios would be an insult to bashes and WARM 101.3’s everywhere.

We had so many beautiful, colorful characters pass through this morning, our heads are still spinning.

Where to begin?

Let’s start with number one—-ONE COMMUNICATION.

The brilliant folks at the local telecommunications company came by for one of our signature Friday parties. Michelle Diaz and her daughter Amanda (2nd and 3rd from left) brightened our morning. Vicki Griffin (kneeling) kept us laughing with her opinions on the news of the day, the inner workings of the city school district and what REALLY makes men look romantic.

And we STILL haven’t mentioned the all star cast of barbecue champions who dropped by. They’re in town for the BBQ and Blues Fest at Highland Park this weekend. They are the three guys to left of the debonair Tony Infantino.

Not pictured is a blues band from New Orleans who also stopped by. They’re playing at the Blues Fest at Highland Park. Their visit was brief. We weren’t entirely sure how safe it was to put them on the air live (they had put in a long night).

Believe me dear reader, this merely scratches the surface at the fun and merriment from 5:30 am to 10 am on WARM 101.3 on Friday.

Won’t you join us Monday when Tony answers the burning question:

Why are bomb squad suits so dorky?

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