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The Nashville Predator’s CATFISH Tradition Dates Back To 2002

So did you ‘catch’ any of the catfish thrown on the ice before the Nashville Predator playoff games? (this little guy with the sparkly hat & penguin in its mouth was tossed on the ice during the Stanley Cup finals.) It began in 2002, sort of an offshoot of Detroit hockey fans throwing octopuses (octopii?) on the ice. (and where do you get one of THOSE?)

But in 2002, after that first catfish was thrown onto the ice, the Predators won that game & a tradition was born. One stadium worker tasked with cleaning them up said, “They are so gross. They’re huge, they’re heavy, they stink, and they leave this slimy trail on the ice. But, hey, if it’s good for the team, I guess we can deal with it.” (it kind of makes painting your face in team colors kind of lame.)

And can you imagine the car ride to the game?
So Bob: looking forward to the big game tonight?
Well yeah Bill, of course I am. But what IS that smell?

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