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The Top Things That Can Cause a Vacation Disaster

Even though summer is winding down, there’s still plenty of time left for vacations. So, what’s the #1 thing that can RUIN a vacation? A new survey found we’d rather go with no A/C than no internet. But internet access is NOT the top thing we need to enjoy our time off. Here are the top ten things that can ruin a vacation . . .

1. Lost luggage. 54% of people said it would equal a “vacation disaster.”

2. No internet, 49%.

3. Food poisoning, 47%.

4. Bad weather your entire trip, 47%.

5. A lost or stolen credit card, 44%.

6. Ending up in a bad or unsafe location, 43%.

7. A lost passport or I.D., 40%.

8. Coming down with a cold or the flu, 40%.

9. No air conditioning, 38%.

10. The plumbing breaks, also 38%. Lost reservations, missing a flight, and bad traffic all tied for 11th place. And one more stat: The survey found we’d rather have access to Netflix on a vacation than access to coffee.

Pat Rivers
Lunch Time Request Cafe

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