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Tony Robbins show got AXED! AND find out if your marriage will make it!

There’s a website that can predict if your marriage will make it!! You just click on this link and answer 20 questions and presto-chango, you have your answer!!

Before you run to the bank with the results this “Divorce Probability Calculator” spits out, know this: It’s being offered by a company selling “divorce insurance”!!

Also, Tony Robbins’ new show has been cut to ribbons! His program based on the power of positive thinking didn’t pull enough eyeballs. Meantime, Snooki is more popular than ever after getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly.  You could draw many conclusions from these two facts. Here’s how a noted expert on popular culture sums it up:

“Clearly we are seeing something experts refer to as the ‘Tony Infantino-cation’ of America,” noted Dr. Casey Stengelmenshemstien at the University of California Berkeley. “A collective syndrome when the public favors a malcontent who thumbs her nose at authority and scoffs at sacred institutions.”

Dr. Stengelmenshemstien is the author of, “Escape from Glock Island”, an adventure fantasy about a psychotherapist who goes on a violent rampage on Block Island.

In summary dear reader, the popular WARM 101.3 blog will begin to take some daring chances in the coming days. For instance, on some days, the blog will seemingly just end without even a—

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