On The Air:



•Hi, I’m Tonya I’ve never met a stranger so “welcome to my friends list”.
•My grandfather called me “Bug” because I was always bugging everyone. ?  I was 4 when that happened…..never lost the nickname. 
•I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Yes, it’s a fly over state. I still own cowboy boots. Never grasped riding a horse. 
•I started my first radio job in Oklahoma City. Since then I’ve done a lot of formats Top 40, Country, Adult, and more, 
•I also worked for a couple of great advertising agencies (clients included Subway and yes I make a mean sandwich.) 
•I have two dogs – Grace & Uggie. They talk too much and are full of personality. 
•Mexican Food is my absolute favorite! My exposure to the amazing Italian food and Zweigles red hots here in ROC will definitely change that.  
•I am the girl that tells complete strangers to have a good day when I get off the elevator. I love to smile and see people happy. 
•I believe if you can see it, you can make it happen! 
•I love Rochester! You had me at “Hello”. I can’t wait to get more involved with the community.

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