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Tony’s Boring Book Crusade!

Tony Infantino is a champion of literacy! In fact, back in 1972, Tony was crowned Gates High School Literacy Champ! Records are conflicting as to whether Tony actually read any books to achieve that honor. BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT!

Here’s the point:

We want kids to like reading, right? So…Tony’s position is this: Why are we cramming ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and ‘The Great Gatsby’ in front of would-be readers at the tender age of 15? Are we trying to convince them that literature is from another generation, in language they can’t relate to with characters they could care less about?

Now, don’t get me wrong, old sport. We like Jay Gatsby as much as the next guy…if the next guy is a FLAPPER!!

Therefore, Tony Infantino (d/b/a “The Man for Interesting Books”) hereby commences his “Boring Book Crusade”!!

And it begins with this humble plea to anyone involved in choosing literature for young readers in our community: ENOUGH WITH THE 19th CENTURY NOVELS WRITTEN IN ANCIENT PROSE!

Get kids excited about reading. Now, we’re not saying schools should start assigning “50 Cent’s” filthy autobiography or Tom Bergeron’s terrible “I’m Hosting as Fast as I can”.

Just lean more towards Harry Potter and less towards Daisy Buchanan (see, we read ‘The Great Gatsby’ –and enjoyed it, when we were 38).

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