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Anna Latshaw – Third Place

My Favorite Older Friend

Third Place

Anna Latshaw

Allen Creek School

Teacher:  Ms. Moore

“A Very Special Person”

The sun was hot as I pulled wretched weeds from the rear of my backyard.  We worked with heads bent while filling garbage can after garbage can full of weeds as the sun baked our backs.  We chatted and laughed despite the hot summer day.  This was not one of my usual chores, but I went out of my way to help Betty anyways.

Betty Molesworth is a special person in my life.  She lives right behind me and our yards back up to each other.  We have only lived here less than two years, yet I have become good friends with her.  She is eighty-one years old and walks our neighborhood every single day, which is how we first met.  Betty is always very happy and very friendly which makes her fun to be around.

Sadly, a year and a half ago, her husband Jim passed away.  Ever since, she has been alone.  All of the jobs around the yard have been left for her to do and so I try to help her whenever I see her outside working.  While we work together, we always chat about school and different flowers in the yard.

Recently, I have been in a club at school called Knit-Wits to learn how to knit and then donate the scarves to charity.  Betty loves to quilt and knit and so when she learned that I am doing it, she helped me by giving me some pointers and showing me things she had made.

Last Christmas, Betty gave me a very special gift that is in my room to this day.  She had made a pillow with my name quilted on one side and musical notes on the other side since I love piano.

This is why Betty is such a special person!

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