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Mae Kesselring

My Favorite Older Friend

Outstanding Achievement

Mae Kesselring

St. Louis School

Teacher:  Mrs. Martin

“My Favorite Older Person”

Some people think school is boring but with Mrs. Diamond as our teacher, the days are anything but boring.  I love seeing Mrs. Diamond’s face in the morning.  She is so kind and has such a welcoming smile.  Mrs. Diamond is the best teacher anyone could ever ask for.  She is a great person to be around because she is so much fun and is really funny, mostly when she says her famous saying, “This is a recording” if someone doesn’t listen to her.  Mrs. Diamond is always grateful when I see her.  If Mrs. Diamond sees anyone who feels down, she is always the first one to lift up their spirit.

Mrs. Diamond smells like what must be her favorite perfume.  To me, it smells like flowers in the spring time.  She has such a kind face, one that I won’t forget, even years from now when I leave St. Louis School.  Mrs. Diamond has many qualities.  She is calm.  Even though she has to take care of a roomful of kids, she never seems to raise her voice. She is always there for us and always wants to make sure everything is okay.

Mrs. Diamond went to Catholic schools in New Jersey from kindergarten to college.  She taught at schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New York.  Mrs. Diamond has two children, a daughter named Loren and a son named Christopher.  In addition to being a lovely mother, Mrs. Diamond is also a very devoted grandmother of four grandchildren.

I am not the only person who loves Mrs. Diamond.  My older cousins Joey and Jackie Napier and my older sister, Annie also love her.  My only hope is that my little brother Rex will be able to have Mrs. Diamond as a teacher someday.

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