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Mary Bedzyk – Second Place

My Favorite Older Friend

Second Place

Mary Bedzyk

Jefferson Road School

Teacher:  Mrs. Maragus

“My Favorite Older Person”

Although I hope every child has a favorite older person who is always there for them, I know that my grandmother is the best older friend anyone could ever have!

When I was little I couldn’t pronounce the letter “a” correctly, so I called her ‘Grmy’ and she called me “Mry.”  This is still what we call each other, even though when we say it in public people look at us strangely!

Whenever I visit my grandma at her cottage, we put our kayaks in the shimmering lake and we watch the kingfishers dive, trying to catch the fish that flash like silver dollars in the water.

My grandma is the one who has had the patience to teach me how to cook.

We bake cookies from my great-grandmother’s cookbook and we make homemade jam together!  Don’t tell my sister, but only I know the real ingredients to my grandma’s famous macaroni salad!

Part of our special bond is a sense of humor.  My grandma knows what I think is funny, so she sends me comics with the names of the cartoon characters covered with white-out and the names of real people in our family written in!  She always cracks me up!

Although my grandma is getting very old, she always has time for me.  When my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer last year, she helped me understand it better because she had breast cancer over ten years ago.  Knowing she got through it makes me have hope for my dad.

I realize my ‘Grmy’ won’t be here for me forever, so I keep the memories we make together safe in my heart.  My ‘Grmy isn’t just my grandmother, she’s my best friend!

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