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Melanie Pitcher

My Favorite Older Friend

Outstanding Achievement

Melanie Pitcher

St. Louis School

Teacher:  Mrs. Martin

“My Favorite Older Person”

By the time someone reaches the age of 89 years old, their lifetime experiences can be impressive.  My grandma, whom I call Nana, was born in the year 1922 and she is my favorite older person.  Nana has seen a lot in her lifetime like the Depression and World War II that her husband had fought in.  From the Depression, Nana learned how to stretch a dollar.  When my Dad was only 12 years old, his father died.  It was hard on the family.  She raised two sons alone being a housekeeper.   She worked very hard for well known Rochester people.  That is how her sons were able to go to McQuaid and St. John Fisher.  She has always given so much of herself, unselfishly.  With this, Nana has proper etiquette and manners.  A breast cancer survivor, Nana had a heart attack too when I was only four years old.  Fortunately, Nana is a fighter.

When I was born, Nana changed her whole life for me.  She moved so our family could be together.  One of her favorite things to do was to play cards with her friends.  Now, she plays with my brother and me.  She is a Red Hatter that means she is in a Red Hats group.  She loves going on our annual family fishing trip to Canada and loves nature.  She sews anything and everything that we need.  She likes to crochet and watch Lawrence Welk and Jeopardy.

My favorite thing about Nana is when she tells stories of her past.  I have learned so much from her.  From outhouses and gas lights, to her cell phone and computer, she has seen so many changes in the world over almost the last 90 years.  I am lucky to have my Nana, Mildred Pitcher.

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