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Quentin Tan

My Favorite Older Friend

Outstanding Achievement

Quentin Tan

St. Louis School

Teacher:  Mrs. Martin

“My Favorite Older Friend”

One of my favorite older people tells me to enjoy life because “you only have one, so use it wisely.”  This person is my grandmother.  My Grandma lives in Williamsville, just east of Buffalo.  Williamsville is about an hour and fifteen minutes away from my house, but the drive is worth it.

When we pull up to her driveway, my brother and I immediately race to her and give her a big hug.  When we go inside, I can smell the strong aroma of my favorite meal, spaghetti and meatballs.  When it is time to go to bed, my Grandma lets me stay up later than I am supposed to so we can talk about things that we share in common like cartoons and movies.  If I like a team such as the Yankees, my Grandma will take an interest in it.  Whenever I hit a homerun or make a basket my Grandma is always the first to congratulate me.

One reason I love my Grandma is because she always forgives me and has a lesson to share about every mistake.  Also I love her because she has a true relationship with God.  Whenever I tell her about someone who needs prayer, she will pray for them.  My Grandma is always willing to talk to me regardless of the subject, or time of day.  These are some of the many reasons why my Grandma is my favorite older friend.

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