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Riley Lusk – First Place

My Favorite Older Friend

First Place

Riley Lusk

Allen Creek School

Teacher:  Mrs. Matthews


 “The Best Grandma Ever

Are you looking for the most spectacular, fun, and positive grandma ever?  Well stop looking, because you’ve come to the right essay.  The fun thing is she isn’t actually my grandma!  My dad’s mother moved away when he was younger and he didn’t have a mom to talk to.  He started spending time at his friend Tom’s house, and soon, Tom’s mom was like his mom too.  Yes, that Eileen Farlow is the same one that is my Grandma Farlow today!

One reason that my Grandma is the best, is that even though she has actual grandchildren in Texas, she treats us like her real grandkids here.  She goes to church with us and moved to an apartment right across the street!  She drops everything to do my hair for special occasions (she is very fancy) and even goes on vacation with us each summer!  She calls us every Sunday night while she’s away.

My second reason is that she is always there for my family and is very supportive.  No matter what happens, what you try, or what the outcome is, she always makes you feel extra special.  She goes to every event for my brother and me.  Grandma even takes care of my dog, Tucker (her furry grandchild).

Next, she is caring and generous.  My birthday is Christmas Eve and she makes that day special, just for me.  She knows me so well that she buys me presents I didn’t even know I wanted!  She always makes our favorite foods each holiday and takes care of us on days off from school.

In conclusion, the best way to explain what makes my Grandma my favorite older friend is that she doesn’t have to love us, she chooses to love us!  And she does it so well!

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