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Sarah Dunnigan

My Favorite Older Friend

Outstanding Achievement

Sarah Dunnigan

Jefferson Road School

Teacher:  Mrs. Potenza

“My Favorite Older Person”

Have you ever heard the story about the three little girls who went on a walk just before dark?  I sure have and it sends chills up my spine every time I hear it.  The way a person tells a story is often better than the story itself.  My Grandpa has the ability to tell a story with amazing detail, making you feel like you’re watching it as a movie.

One of the many reasons my Grandpa is so good at telling tales and one of the reasons I admire him most is his larger than life sense of humor.  For example, one time my Grandpa put a crayfish in his pocket and told my cousin to reach in there and get out the “surprise”!  Another one of his antics is telling me that he and my grandma are going home to watch iCarly and make his famous homemade donuts, two of my favorite things.  He especially does this on nights he knows I can’t sleepover!  Although I love his humor a lot there’s many more things I admire about him.

As funny as he is, he always knows when to stop and be there for his children and grandchildren.  When I was three years old I landed in the hospital bed having an asthma attack and my Grandpa was right there next to me. Also, when my Dad fell out of a tree and broke both of his wrists my Grandpa was right there with him too.  He has proven time and time again that you can count on him to be there in a time of need.

At the end of every one of my Grandpa’s stories he is the hero who saves the little girls from the wolf.  I think that is the only part of the story that’s half true.  Not only is he the hero in the story but he is also the hero in many of my life obstacles.  I bet if I really ever encountered a wolf, he would be there to be my hero.

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