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We’ll Hit Peak Holiday Stress on December 18th

What’s more stressful about the holidays?  The lead-up to Christmas when you have to shop for everyone and travel?  Or is it the days right around Christmas, when you’re with all those extended family members that can be a little challenging at times. 

Well, according to a new survey, the LEAD-UP to Christmas is the most stressful part.  And the average person will hit PEAK stress next Monday, December 18th.

The date you were most likely to start feeling stressed out by the holidays was on December 1st.  Apparently that’s when it really hits you that Christmas is right around the corner.  But one in five people say their holiday stress lasts several months.

71% of us agree that the holidays are a stressful time of year.  The other 29% must be huge fans of Christmas music, or single people with no kids.

The most stressful things about the holidays are being short on money . . . finding the right gifts . . . and not having enough time to do everything.

That’s why I suggest listening to WARM 101.3…our Holiday Gift of Music guaranteed to take any of the stress out of the holidays and help make it a joyous season for you!

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