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What Moms Are Looking Forward to the Most When the Quarantine Ends

It may be hard to give your mom any present other than a gift card this year with so many stores closed. So here are some ideas for those gift cards . . .

A new survey asked moms what they’re looking forward to the most when social distancing is over. And these are the four top things . . .

1. Visiting friends or family they haven’t seen since before the quarantine.

2. Going out to a restaurant or bar.

3. Going shopping in person.

4. Getting a haircut or manicure and pedicure.

The survey also found 30% of people say they’re going to celebrate with their mom in person this year.

29% will talk on the phone . . . 18% will have a video chat . . . 17% will use texts and instant messages . . . and the rest aren’t sure or won’t be celebrating.

Pat Rivers
Lunch Time Request Cafe

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