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What’s your parenting style? Take this easy quiz to find out!

If you’re being COMPLETELY HONEST, are you the type of parent that pushes your children into aggressive, early-learning programs? Jamming your kids with “mind building” activities?

If so—you’re what’s scientifically referred to as a “hothouse parent”. Experts say you should appreciate your child’s natural talents and abilities.

Are you the type of mom or dad who relies on quick fixes instead of real, lasting change?

Then you, my friend, are guilty of “Band Aid” parenting. Your tip: remember, your goal as a parent is to make your child learn to act right without you—and your stupid hot fudge sundae fixes!!

Are you sometimes guilty of putting your popularity with your child above the importance of boundaries and discipline?

If so, you are a ‘Buddy Parent’! It’s time to grow up, bra’h!

If your self-esteem is attached to your child’s success—you could be convicted in a Parenting Tribunal of “Accessory Parenting”!!

Your quick-fix: See your child as a unique individual separate from you!

The final category is “Paranoid Parenting”. A piano is not about to drop on your little bundle of joy. Reeeeelax. Teach your children positivity and serenity exercises—you’ll both learn a TON!


We are all so glad that the 33 Chilean miners are back up above ground, safe and sound. We can only imagine what those 70 days trapped 2,000 feet underground were like. So to honor them, we decided it would be fun to imagine what it would be like if Tony, Kristie and Pat were trapped in some subterranean hell, for some reason.

((The scene is a dark mine shaft, 2000 feet under ground. Three people are clustered in an area around a Coleman lantern and a transistor radio quietly emitted continuous soft rock hits))

Kristie: Would you stop dancing, for the love of God!

Pat: I’m not! I’m just getting loose!

Kristie: It’s freaking me out, sit still you freak! And Tony, quit playing with that radio—you know it only gets WARM 101.3!

Tony: What island kicked you out of its tribe?

Kristie: The Secret Isle of Infantino Haters!

Pat: Come on you two, this kind of bickering won’t get us out of here any sooner!

Tony & Kristie: Shut your face and keep dancing!

((Fade to black, an announcer’s voice can be heard saying, “WARM 101.3, continuous soft rock favorites that make your time trapped in a mine shaft FLY BY!”))

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