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Woman Blames Her Car Accident on Bigfoot

A Woman Blames Her Car Accident on Bigfoot

You know, I was fine with Bigfoot when he was just lumbering around the woods and terrorizing squirrels.  But if he’s making people’s car insurance rates go up, then we have a problem. 

 A 50-year-old woman from Idaho crashed her car into a deer on Wednesday.

And when the cops got there, she told them what happened:  She saw Bigfoot.

Apparently as she was driving, she saw Bigfoot chasing some deer on the side of the road.  And when she looked in her rearview mirror to watch him, she took her eyes off the road, and hit the deer.

Sadly, the only description the woman could give was that Bigfoot was about seven or eight feet tall.  And . . . shockingly . . . the cops weren’t able to track him down.

As far as we know, she wasn’t hurt in the crash.  We don’t know about the deer though . . . the deer she hit OR the ones Bigfoot was stalking. 

If I were to guess, I’d say what the woman saw was most likely a bear chasing that deer.

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