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Word For The Weekend: LOLLYPOP

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DEF: Both parts: lolly & pop, are pretty fun to say individually, but together, they make up a word that’s not only fun to say, but also fun to lick. A piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick that is held in the hand while the candy is licked. If they had instructions? step 1.) hold stick step 2.) remove wrapper (preferably with the hand that’s NOT holding the stick. If you’re holding the stick with your left hand, try using your right hand to remove the wrapper) step 3.) lick & enjoy the hard candy step 4.) dispose of stick & wrapper step 5.) don’t eat the stick 6.) don’t eat the wrapper. (FYI: Lollypop Farm 20th Anniversary Telethon, Sat, 4/16, 3 – 9 pm at Eastview Mall!)


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