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Word For The Weekend: RASPBERRY

Word For The Weekend


[raz-ber-ee, -buh-ree, rahz-]

DEF: (I wanted an ‘R’ word) A soft, red berry that is sweet & juicy. (Fun Fact: it’s a member of the rose family.); a dark reddish-purple color. It can also mean an expression of disapproval or contempt, known as a Bronx cheer. It’s the sound made by protruding the tongue between the lips and expelling air forcibly to produce a vibration. You can also make the raspberry sound on, say, the neck or belly of a young relative, maybe a nephew or grandkid. If you do this, though, 2 tips: 1.) You need to slightly alter the way you deliver the raspberry, & 2.) Make sure you know the raspberry victim. (And again I apologize to the random guy I approached Monday at the 4th of July fireworks downtown. He was NOT amused.)

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