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Brad Pitt Says Breaking Quentin Tarantino’s Biggest Rule on Set Is Like Pooping in the Sistine Chapel

I know a lot of my theatre friends can relate to this one.  Brad Pitt has worked with Quentin Tarantino  twice now, and at a special screening of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” yesterday, he told an amusing story about the ONE rule Quentin is serious about on the set.

No cell phones.

Brad learned that while filming “Inglourious Basterds”.  He said, quote, “You have to check your phone in . . . and one went off in between takes, and you would’ve thought someone went into the Sistine Chapel and [pooped].

“Not only did production come to a grinding halt . . . and no one would cop to it, even though we knew the general area . . . Quentin sent us home for the rest of the day and we had the afternoon off to think about what we had done.”

Quentin was also at the screening.  He admitted it was true, but said, quote, “I ask you for one thing, and if you have no more respect for me than that, then go home.”

Pat Rivers
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